Lesson Plans

Think of Lesson Plans as mini courses similar to what you would take in a classroom environment. Each lesson plan is designed to present a set of information that will get the 'student' to learn pocket billiards through a step by step instruction process. A lesson plan would comprise of a few progressive lessons aimed at providing just enough information that will allow the 'student' to understand a concept or two at a time. As the 'student' progresses through the lesson plans, a new and slightly more advanced concept(s) is taught and so on and so forth. Similar to a classroom environment, most of the articles will be followed by practical exercises that will help the 'student' gain more understanding of the game of pool and billiards by providing assignments that will have them use their newfound knowledge in actual practice. Some lessons plans will also have optional articles that serve as additional reading for the purpose of a deeper understanding of the concept being taught.

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Pocket Billiards Fundamentals

Learn the Pre-Shot Routine, Pool Stance, Grip, Types of Bridges and the Pool Stroke

Aiming and Shot Making

Understand and execute different Aiming Techniques for pocketing balls

Basic Pool Shots

Learn to control the Cue Ball and master Positioning

Understanding English

Learn the concept of spinning the cue ball

Advanced Shotmaking

Learn advanced shots like Combinations, Billiards, Carom and Jump Shots

Bank Shots and Kick Shots

Learn to use the rails to execute Banks or Kick Shots

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Lessons & Tutorials - view our comprehensive database of instructional articles. We offer step by step lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Each article contains pictures as well as detailed explanations for clearer understanding of the complex topics. Best of all - it's all FREE!

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Popular Articles

Below are some of the website's popular instructional articles.

The Stop Shot

The Stop Shot

A Stop Shot or Stop Ball as Filipinos normally call it, is when the cue ball stops dead in its tracks upon contact with the object ball.

It is normally done by hitting the cue ball at the center. If the object ball and the cue ball is only a short distance away, a center ball hit on the cue ball with medium stroke will generally stop the cue ball after making contact with the object ball.

There are however, a few exceptions.

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