Pool & Billiards Lessons

Step by step tutorial for learning Pool & Billiards

Lesson Plans

This section contains articles organized into Lesson Plans. Think of Lesson Plans as mini courses similar to what you would take in a classroom environment. Each lesson plan is designed to present a set of information that will get the 'student' to learn pocket billiards through step by step instruction process. A lesson plan would comprise of a few progressive lessons aimed at providing just enough information that will allow the 'student' to understand a concept or two at a time. As the 'student' progresses through the lesson plans, a new and slightly more advanced concept(s) is taught and so on and so forth. Similar to a classroom environment, most of the articles will be followed by practical exercises that will help the 'student' gain more understanding of the game of pool and billiards by providing assignments that will have them use their newfound knowledge in actual practice. Some lessons plans will also have optional articles that serve as additional reading for the purpose of a deeper understanding of the concept being taught.

Lesson Plan #1
Learn the fundamentals of Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • Learn the Pre-Shot Routine
  • Find your Pool Stance
  • How to grip the Cue Stick
  • Learn the different types of Bridges
  • The right way to Stroke
Lesson Plan #2
Learn How to Aim and pocket object balls
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • Understand the Aiming Concept and technique
  • Discover the Parallel Aiming Technique
  • Aiming by Fractions

Lesson Plan #3
Learn the Three Basic Shots in Pool
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • The Stop Shot
  • The Stop Shot - in Depth
  • The Draw Shot
  • The Draw Shot - in Depth
  • The Follow Shot
  • The Follow Shot - in Depth
Lesson Plan #4
Learn the Basics of Controlling the Cue Ball
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • How to execute a Stun Shot
  • Using Draw shot for position
  • Follow shot and cue ball direction

Lesson Plan #5
Understanding English or Side Spin
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • What is English or Side Spin?
  • Inside and Outside English
  • The Throw effect of English
  • Controlling the Cue Ball using English
  • Effects of English off the rail
Lesson Plan #6
Learn Advanced Shots in Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • The Combination Shot
  • Frozen Ball Combination Shot
  • What is a Billiard Shot?
  • What is a Carom Shot?
  • How to execute a Jump Shot
  • The 9 Ball Break

Lesson Plan #7
Learn Bank Shots and Kick Shots
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • Introduction to Bank Shots
  • Effects of English on a Bank Shot
  • Effects of Draw and Follow on a Bank Shot
  • How to Execute a one-rail Kick Shot
  • How to Execute a two-rail Kick Shot
  • The Diamond System
Lesson Plan #8
Learn Advanced Position Play
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • Speed Control and Right Side
    or Wrong Side concept
  • Leaving an Angle and proper Distance
  • Natural Path and the "Long" and "Short" Side
  • Finding the correct "Position Area"
  • Coming towards the "Position Zone" and
    why coming accross is not a good idea
Lesson Plan #9
Safety and Defense Strategy in Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan Outline:
  • How to play safeties in Pocket Billiards


The Basics of Pool & Billiards

This section focuses on explaining the basic building blocks that are necessary to proceed to the next level. Practice them diligently. Be patient and put a lot of effort on each fundamental skill. Remember that each basic mechanical skill presented in this section will serve as the foundation of your game. The stronger your foundation, the better prepared you will become at learning the next stage of your journey to mastery of this sport.

Advanced Techniques of Pool & Billiards

When you have a good grasp of the basic fundamentals, it is time to learn advanced techniques to add to your pool arsenal. These are the critical skills that are required for you to be able to get to the next level. Learning these skills requires that you are already well versed and trained in the basic fundamentals (e.g. stance, bridge, stroke, etc). This section covers the more advanced techniques and the execution needed to become an advanced player.

Miscellaneous Instruction

This section contains instructional articles contributed by other authors. These authors have their own expertise of the game. They are either pool and billiard instructors, professional pool players, road players, or all of the above.