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Not too Tight nor too Loose

Another no-no is gripping the cue too tight or too loose. Although it is recommended that the grip be loose and relaxed, you should not go overboard and grip the cue too loose. Conversely, too tight a grip is also detrimental - this is often called the death grip.

The Grip - Figure 6: DON'T grip too loose
Fig 6: DON'T grip too loose
The Grip - Figure 7: DON'T grip too tight
Fig 7: DON'T grip too tight

Grip and the Balance Point

The next thing to learn is which part of the cue stick you will need to put your gripping hand. Should you put it on the very end of the butt of the cue stick or should you put it closer to your body? It is different for everybody but one guideline for figuring this out is to locate the balance point.

Refer to illustration below. To do this, use your index finger to balance the cue stick on its own. Once it is balanced, remember the point on the cue stick where it balanced and use this as your reference point. Depending on how tall you are you will need to place your gripping hand at least 6 inches from the balance point towards the end of the cue stick. Shorter players will put their gripping hand closer to the reference point while taller players will put their gripping hand farther away from the reference point.

The Grip - Balance Point
Balance Point

Below is a video demonstration of the grip

Video courtesy of Dr. Dave and The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards at

Exercise: Experiment with your Grip

Find the right grip for your playing style:

  1. Find the right balance between a grip that is not too loose and not too tight.
  2. Make sure that your are wrist is not cocked in or out. Have a friend take a close look.

Spend a few hours with this exercise and come up with a consistent grip.

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