The Bridge

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Basic Fundamentals
· The Pre-Shot Routine Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Pool Stance Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Pool Grip Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Bridge Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Pool Stroke Pool & Billiards video demonstration

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How to setup a closed bridge

  1. First, make a fist lay your it flat on the table. (Figure 1)
  2. Closed Bridge - Figure 1
    Figure 1
  3. Next, place the cue on top of your bridge hand.
    See Figure 2.
  4. Closed Bridge - Figure 2
    Figure 2
  5. Next, open up your index finger and put it around the shaft of the cue. See Figure 3.
  6. Closed Bridge - Figure 3
    Figure 3
  7. Lastly, tighten up the index finger around the shaft and open up the rest of your unused fingers and spread them to make your bridge hand stable.
  8. Closed Bridge - Figure 4
    Figure 4

That's it for the closed bridge. That's how simple you setup a closed bridge.

Draw, Follow and Center hit using Closed Bridge

Closed Bridge - Low cue ball hit
Closed Bridge - Draw hit
Closed Bridge - Center hit on cue ball
Closed Bridge - center hit
Closed Bridge - High hit on cue ball
Closed Bridge - High hit
Open Bridge - High hit on cue ball
Open Bridge - High hit on cue ball

??? What other types of Bridges are there? Click here to learn more... on the Next Page.

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