The Pool Stance

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Basic Fundamentals
· The Pre-Shot Routine Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Pool Stance Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Pool Grip Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Bridge Pool & Billiards video demonstration
· The Pool Stroke Pool & Billiards video demonstration

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Stance Basics

With some practice, you will eventually develop a routine that will automatically put your body in a correct stance. The guidelines shown below will help newer players come up with the stance that will both be functional as well as comfortable.The steps below demonstrate the stance for a right handed player. For lef-handed player, simply reverse the process.

Step 1: Find the line of aim and stand behind it. The amount of distance you stand behind the shot depends on the position of the cue ball and on how tall you are and how long your reach is. Naturally, taller players with longer limbs stands farther apart from the cue ball compared to a shorter player.

Pool Stance - Step 1
Step 1

Step 2: Step forward with your left foot. Spread your feet apart with enough distance so that you achieve good balance and a stable and solid base.

Pool Stance - Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Turn your body approximate 45 degrees from the line of the shot.

Pool Stance - Step 3
Step 3

Step 4: Bend forward at the hips and extend your left arm to form a bridge.

Pool Stance - Step 4
Step 4
Pool Stance - Step 5
Step 5

??? Where does the head and body come into play? Click here to learn more... on the next page.

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