Aiming - Techniques & Execution

Learn to develop your aiming skills and accuracy

When you have a good grasp of the basic fundamentals, the next step is learning how to pocket balls. To do this, you must understand how the aiming process works. Aiming helps you become a shotmaker.

All professional players are excellent at pocketing balls. Each one of them have their own aiming systems and ways which help them develop this skills as shotmakers. This section will show you some of the basic aiming systems that pool players use.

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How To Aim Pool & Billiards video demonstration

Having learned the fundamentals of a superior stroke, you are now ready to learn the proper technique for aiming and you'll be on your way to becoming a good pool player.
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Parallel Aiming Technique

The Parallel Aiming technique was first introduced by the great Willie Mosconi in his book, "Winning Pocket Billiards".
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Fractional Aiming System

The Fractional aiming system refers to a type of aiming where the object ball is divided into "slices" or fractions and aiming the ghostball at the different "slices".
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Before I start talking about how to aim lets first talk why we have a difficulty time aiming and miss shots.

Ghost Ball Theory, the Holy Light System, Dominant Eye and Stroke

The Ghost Ball Theory is most commonly used when explaining how to aim properly.
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Another Aiming Tip

As you read or have read instructions regarding how to aim I am sure you have noticed that whatever technique is being taught...
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An Experiment in Aiming
by Joe Waldron, Ph.D., Psychologist (retired)

I have created a way that you can determine the best way for you to aim and it won’t cost anything except a little time and maybe $3.00.
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A Systematic Approach to Aiming and Stroking
by Joe Waldron, Ph.D., Psychologist (retired)

Pool is like golf. A consistent technique is needed if there is to be a reliable game.
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