Parallel Aiming Technique

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The Parallel Aiming technique was first introduced by the great Willie Mosconi in his book, "Winning Pocket Billiards". It shows an alternative aiming method to the Ghost Ball system. The system is easy to understand and some players prefer to aim this way rather than the ghost ball method.

Let's start by examining the shot below.

Parallel Aiming Technique

To execute the parallel aiming system, follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Draw a line from the middle of the the pocket opening to the center of the object ball. Find the contact point on the object ball (OB).

Parallel Aiming Technique - Step 1
Step 1

STEP 2: Draw a line through the center of the cue ball that is parallel to the first line in step 1. Pick the contact point on the cue ball (CB).

Parallel Aiming Technique - Step 2
Step 2

STEP 3: Draw a line that connects the the contact point on the cue ball (CB) to the contact point on the object ball (OB). This is your Line of Aim.

Parallel Aiming Technique - Step 3
Step 3

As shown in the example illustrations below, the contact points does not change regardless of the position of the cue ball.

Parallel Aiming Technique
Parallel Aiming Technique

Other factors to consider

It is important to take note that there are some factors that was not considered here. Contact throw is one factor that can alter the path of the object ball as it makes contact with the cue ball. English will also affect the aiming method and adjustments will need to be made when using side spin.


Start by practicing the parallel aiming technique your have just learned above. Setup your cue ball and object ball at different angles and keep shooting until you have a good grasp of the parallel aiming technique described in this article.

Below are 2 specific Aiming Drills that you can execute to improve your parallel aiming technique.

  1. Shotmaking Drill
  2. Long Shot Pocketing Drill

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