Effects of English off the Rail

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Once again, there are numerous things that you will need to keep in mind in determining how much angle will the cue ball have off the cushion. Here are some guidelines to help you gauge the angle:

  • The condition of the cushion is one factor. Newer cushions tend to have more "bounce" than older cushions. Therefore older cushions tend to produce less angle on the cue ball off the rail.
  • The amount of spin on the cue ball. In the illustration above, if you applied more left english on the cue ball, then the angle would be less than the one shown in Position A. With more right english, the angle would also be more than the one shown in Position C.
  • The speed of the stroke. Generally, the stronger the stroke, the less angle will be generated by the cue ball off the cushion.

Below is another example of the effects of english on the cue ball off the rail. This is a good example that very clearly explains the different effects of left and right english on the cue ball when it makes contact with the cushion.

Figure 3: English off the rail
Figure 3
  • Position A is the result of hitting the cue ball with high (above center) and applying right english. Notice how the use of "right" english increases the angle severely from its normal path.
  • Position B is the result of hitting the cue ball high and NO english. This is the normal path of the cue ball.
  • Finally, Position C is the result of hitting the cue ball high and applying left english. Notice how the cue ball reacts after hitting the cushion. Because of the left spin on the cue ball, it bounces to the left and also bounced off the long rail. Also notice that the angle at which it bounced off the second cushion. The left spin produced an increase in the angle of bounce.

Effects of english off the rail

Video courtesy of Dr. Dave and The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards at www.engr.colostate.edu/pool/

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