Advanced Shots & Shotmaking

Learn more advanced shots in Pocket Billiards

When you have a good grasp of the basic shots, it is time to learn advanced level shots to add to your offensive arsenal. These are the critical shots that are required for you to be able to get to the next level. Learning these shots requires that you are already well versed and trained in the basic fundamentals (e.g. stance, bridge, stroke, etc). This section covers the more advanced shots and the execution needed to become an advanced shotmaker.

Combination Shot - Part 1 Pool & Billiards video demonstration

A combination shot is an advanced shot that you will need to learn in order to become a competitive player and win more games. However, you must already have a good grasp of the basic fundamentals before delving into this more advanced technique.
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Combination Shot - Part 2 Pool & Billiards video demonstration

When two or more object balls are touching each other and you shoot the cue ball at the first object ball to pocket the last object ball, this is called a frozen combination shot.
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The Billiard Shot Pool & Billiards video demonstration

A billiard shot is a shot in which the cue ball strikes one object ball and then strikes another object ball to pocket it.
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The Carom Shot Pool & Billiards video demonstration

In pocket billiards a carom shot is defined as a shot in which the cue ball hits an object ball which then hits another object ball before going into a pocket.
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The Jump Shot Pool & Billiards video demonstration

A jump shot is a shot in which the cue ball is made to leave the surface of the table after being hit by the cue stick. The cue ball must also end up landing and stopping on the table surface for a legal jump shot.
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