The Carom Shot

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Frozen Ball Carom Shot (ON or OFF?)

One of the most common ways where a carom shot is used is when object balls are frozen. Often beginner players do not know what to do when object balls are clustered and frozen together. If there is no straight path to the pocket, beginner players generally do not know how to look for other ways to pocket the object ball. This is because they lack the knowledge about billiard and carom shots.

The example below shows a frozen ball carom shot. A frozen carom shot is said to be "ON" when the object ball can be pocketed, otherwise it is said to be "OFF". Now, how do you determine if the object ball can be pocketed? The answer lies in the tangent line. As discussed in the previous page, the tangent line is the imaginary line that goes from the edge of an object ball to the pocket. When two object balls are frozen, the point where the two balls touch is the first point of the tangent line. The tangent line is the line parallel to this point. This is better explained by showing you diagrams below. Notice where the tangent lines are in the diagrams.

Figure 1: Carom Shot
Figure 1
Figure 1: Carom Shot
Figure 2

Carom Shot and Draw and Throw

There are certain cases where the frozen object balls are not lined up to the pocket and appears to be "OFF". One trick that beginner players do not know is that you can use draw to throw an object ball into the pocket. One such case is show below.

Figure 2: Carom Shot
Figure 3

Notice that the tangent line is not in line with the pocket. If you attempt to shoot this shot with center or follow, you will not pocket the 5 ball. The only way to pocket the 5-ball is to throw it in using draw. This is shown in the illustration below.

Figure 2: Carom Shot
Figure 4

Shoot the 5-ball using a lot of draw on the cue ball and hit the 5-ball as full as possible to transfer as much spin on the 5-ball which would maximize the throw effect. This will allow you to pocket the 5-ball.

Levels of Difficulty

Like the combination and billiard shot, caroms will become easier as you become familiar with it. The only way to become familiar with it is to practice it and practice it a lot.

Carom Video

Video courtesy of Dr. Dave and The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards at

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