Advanced Position Play

Go to the next level by learning advanced position techniques

If you wish to become an advanced level player, you must learn to recognize advanced patterns of position play. This section will discuss some of the advanced level position play and teaches you the techniques necessary to execute the shots.

Speed Control & using Right Side for Position Pool & Billiards video demonstration

Now that you have a basic idea of where the cue ball goes after contacting the object ball and perhaps even control the position where the cue ball halts to a stop, you are now ready to learn these basic principles to play position of the cue ball the right way.
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Leave an Angle & Proper Distance for Position

Leave an angle for your shot. What this simply means is that it is always a good idea to have some angle on your shot.

Choosing Natural Path & Long Side for Position

The term "natural path" here means that when the cue ball is hit with center ball stroke (the natural stroke), the cue ball will then travel its natural path. You are probably wondering why this is important.

Determining the Ideal Position Area

Playing effective position requires you to consistently place the cue ball in an ideal position on the table that allows you to pocket the next object ball and play good position on the next object ball after that.

Coming into versus coming accross the Position Area

In the last lesson (Principles of Position IV), we talked about how to determine the ideal position area. In this lesson, I will discuss the ideal way to approach the position area with the cue ball.

Speed and Cue Ball Direction

Speed is a very important aspect for cue ball control. This lesson discusses more into detail about how the speed of stroke changes the direction of the cue ball after it hits the object ball.

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