Straight Draw Drill

by Arnold Oboza

Straight Draw Drill

We now have probably read a lot of topics or drills about draw and that many of us have acquired the knowledge on how to execute this shot properly (applying factors such as proper stroke, precise low cue ball hit, loose grip, level cue etc.). But how straight is your draw? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to have a straight draw in order to have a good position for the next ball but ended up having an angled-draw & gone out of shape?

I have that many experiences. So I have come up with my own practice-drill in trying to improve/achieve a straight draw myself.

Straight-In Draw Drill - Figure 2
Figure 1


As in the diagram, place 3 balls (e.g. 7, 8, & 9-ball) near the head-spot in between the 1st & 2nd diamond of the long-rail. Align 2 balls (8 & 9) perpendicular to the upper-corner pocket, the distance of the these two balls should be 2-ball width. Then place the 3rd ball (7-ball in this example) on point A within the straight line towards the corner pocket. Now place the CB on the same line (somewhere in the head spot).

Try to shoot & sink the 7-ball & draw the CB from it towards point D without nudging the 8 & 9 balls. Increase difficulty by placing the 7-ball further (points B & C) & also reducing 8 & 9-ball distance into 1 1/2 ball-width (or lesser as long as the CB can pass through).

Straight-In Draw Drill

In the diagram below, place 9 balls along the side-pockets then place the cue ball in the lower or upper right side of the table at level A or line A for a straight in shot at the first ball.

The objective of this drill is to have consistency on a straight-in shot with a minimal draw applied. Upon pocketing the first ball, try a straight or semi straight-in position on any of the other balls & pocket each in either corner pockets only in the left side of the table. To raise the difficulty, try doing the same routine but positioning the cue ball at level B and try to draw the cue ball along that line. i find this drill setup simple but very challenging since you also practice a control on the cue ball from a draw stroke.

Straight-In Draw Drill - Figure 2
Figure 2

Once you master this drill, you will be so confident to execute a draw from a straight-in shot for a positional play.

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