Long Shot Pocketing Drill

by Arnold Oboza

This simple drill will help you get familiarized in pocketing this kind of shot whether the object ball is near the cue ball or farther down the middle of the table. Here, you'll notice that you have to adjust the aiming point (or contact point) on the cue ball when you switch pocketing the object ball from the left corner-pocket to the right corner pocket (or vice versa). Exercise this shot at varying speeds (soft, medium, hard) but never use any side-spin. This type of drill is only meant to build your confidence & enhance your pocketing skills.

Setup and Steps

  1. Position the cue ball 2 to 3 inches from the shortrail (head rail / foot rail).
  2. Place one object ball at a time in the middle table about 2 diamonds from the short rail (point A)
  3. Shoot the object ball to the right-corner-pocket using a low-english (no right/left spin) on the cue ball
  4. Repeat shooting until you were able to pocket the object ball at least twice consecutively before switching to the other pocket (left-corner pocket)
  5. Until you were able to consistently pocket the object ball, place the object ball farther at point B and later then at point C.
  6. Repeat steps 3 & 4
Long Shot Pocketing Drill - Figure 1
Figure 1

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