Developing your Stroke

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Here's a simple drill to develop your stroke and improve your pocketing ability. Some have referred to this exercise as a "concentration drill".

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Line up all fifteen object balls across the center of the table (see diagram below).
  2. Take the cue ball as ball in hand before each stroke.
  3. With the object balls at center table, place the cue ball for a straight in shot to the corner pocket at about the first diamond behind the string of object balls, starting with object ball number 1.
  4. To make this more difficult as your ability gets better move the cue ball farther back.
  5. Shoot at each object ball in turn to pocket 1 through 8 in one corner pocket, then shoot 9 through 15 in the opposite corner pocket, using a straight in shot.
  6. Develop Stroke Drill - Figure 1
    Figure 1
  7. If you miss pocketing even one ball, you must start over from scratch by replacing all 15 balls at center table.
  8. The object is to pocket all 15 balls without missing, then replace the object balls and keep going until you can pocket as many as you feel comfortable with.
  9. This looks very simple but requires concentration to do all 15 without missing.
  10. It will provide you the necessary "feelings" about playing and making shots under pressure. It also helps tremendously to help in developing a smooth stroke.
  11. One note, you are allowed ball in hand to place the cue ball after each shot, to make that straight in shot.

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