Shotmaking Drill

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Setting up the Shotmaker's Drill

Line 5 balls up starting at the spot, making them one ball width apart. Place cue ball as shown, so the first ball (the one on the spot) is a straight in shot to the opposite corner pocket.

Shoot the five balls in order. When you miss one, place it back where it was and shoot again.

Once you have made all five, line the five balls up and cue ball in the same place on the other side of the table. Shoot the five balls again.

Do this one more time, once a day and you will become the MASTER shot maker!

HINT: I like to mark where the cue ball goes so I am not guessing each time after I shoot. I also mark where the fifth ball is, so when I am shooting it and I miss, it is easy to place it back where it was.

Contact Throw Drill - Figure 1
Figure 1

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