Bank Shot Game Drill

Anonymous Contribution

I have invented a game that helps out a person who has trouble making the bank shots in a game, or for someone who wants to impove. This game is dubbed 'Four Ball' because I found that at a basic level, 4 balls is enough for a good game, but you may ad as many as you like.

The game starts with a four-ball diamond. Every shot you make must be a bank shot. Even the break!

It may seem a little too simple, and it is. but to throw in the fact that you'll never really be in the perfect place for that shot, whenever you pocket the cue, you place the cue ball on one of the two main dots on the table. You may also make it so that whenever the cue ball is pocketed, the last ball or a previous pocketed ball must be removed (this is optional. I do not recommend it for the time factors of the game). It is a fun game when playing with a friend, and it also helps you in your banking and 'where will the ball go if I hit it this way?' skills.

Bank Shot Game Drill - Figure 1
Figure 1

It's a fun game. I encourage all those who want to improve there play while having fun or just want to have a little fun playing pool, to try this game. It's harder than it looks.

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