Pool Equipment & Maintenance

Learn to choose and maintain your Pool Equipment

Becoming a good pool player not only involves mastering the techniques of executing the shots but also knowing what type of equipment to use that suits your game.

Having the right type of cue and understanding the intricacies of the pool table gives you an advantage over a player who does not.

Selecting a Billiard Cue

As a beginning billiards player, most of you might only be using cue sticks provided by the billiards place where you play. However, if you want to really improve your game you need to have your own cue so you won't have the problem of having to adjust to the length of the cue or the weight of the cue or the diameter of the cue tip.
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Keep Your Pool Cues in Top Condition
by Richard Penny

Whether you are a professional billiards player or someone who picks up a cue casually on a Saturday night at the bar, nothing is more frustrating than a cue that is bent or broken. If you use the cues provided to you at the local parlor, then there is little you can do about the maintenance. But if you own your own pool table and/or cues, there are some basic tips you can follow to ensure that your cues stay in great working condition throughout their lifetime.

Pool Table Room Size Recommendation

I have received numerous questions regarding the minimum room size needed for a pool table. Most people who purchase pool tables take into consideration the size of the room where they are planning to place the pool table in.

Removable Subrail Extensions (Pocket Reducers)
by Chris Renson

Materials Required:
1. (1) 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 48" Hardwood board
2. (1) Rail rubber (14" minimum)
Tools Required:
1. Wood Glue
2. Contact Cement (3M77)
3. 90 degree miter box and saw or Compound Miter Saw
4. Bandsaw or Table Saw or Compound Miter Saw (best/easiest way)

Buying Your First Cue
by James Hoover

Buying a pool cue can either be a pleasant enjoyable experience or a nightmare. The determining factor will most likely be the knowledge you possess when you begin.

There are many things to consider when buying a cue. One step most people miss is determining what games you are going to play.