Pool Table Room Size Recommendation

I have received numerous questions regarding the minimum room size needed for a pool table. Most people who purchase pool tables take into consideration the size of the room where they are planning to place the pool table in. Although I would recommend serious players to buy a 9 foot table, most homes does not have enough space inside to be able to play comfortably with a 9 foot table.

Most of the room size charts tend to underestimate the amount of room you need to play comfortably and effectively. Below is my personal recommendation:

  1. You must allow for the length of the cue stick AND an extra 6 inches (at least) for a comfortable stroke.

  2. Add this number to the width and length of your tables' playing area.

The tables' playing area is measured from from the inside edge of the cushion to the opposite inside edge of the cushion. An illustration of what a "playing area" is is shown below. The line with the caption "B" is the width and the line with caption "A" is the height of the playing area. Don't have a place at home for pool table? The sizes don't get along? You make a decision that it does not fit? You can always play online at Royal Vegas Full Casino Review.

Figure 1

Below is the chart containing my recommendation for room size based on the size of your pool table.

Room Size Recommendation Chart

Table Size Chart

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