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They are all waiting on the bus. They are wishing and hoping that someday it will stop and pick them up and TAKE them down the road of success. Someday.....!?! Oh....and look over there! There’s "The talker". He sure does talk about getting there, but damn, he’s going nowhere fast... and he’s going the wrong way! There’s "the faithful companion"...latching on to somebody else’s coat tail... being followed closely behind by "the critic" and "the poser"!!! In our vehicle of opportunity, we drive right by, heading straight for our predetermined destination. Why? Because now you are "a do-er". Do-ers believe in action. Actions complete things. Actions complete goals. If we stay in the right direction, maintain our intensity, and always believe in what we are doing, we will get to our destination.

These rules can be applied to pool as well as in life. I follow a three part rule:

  1. Always try !!!
  2. If trying doesn’t work, try harder !!!
  3. Never, never, never give up !!! In pool, nobody ever got good by accident.

It takes thousands of hours of applying Perfect applications of the basics. Perfect pool relies on the fundamentals and basics in much the same way a chain relies on its links. Weaken one link and the chain becomes useless. If you have a weak link, you must identify it. Once it is identified, you must work hard to make your weakness your strength. EXAMPLE Max Schmeling once said, "I can beat Joe Louis. I’ve found a weakness." And he did. Bigger than anything, Joe Louis was knocked out by Schmeling and laid on the canvas as if he was fast asleep. It was a picture nobody ever thought they would see. SO they asked Max how he did it. "I found a weakness. He drops his guard during a certain combination of punches and I found a way to get my punch in there." Well, Joe Louis read that. In the next fight he damn near killed Schmeling. He found out what his weakness was and he did something about it.

What’s your weak link? An erratic break shot? Poor position play? Piss poor safeties? Lack of concentration? Do you miss the easy ones? I can guarantee you that every 100+ runner evolved from similar defects in their own games. Learning to overcome obstacles is what it comes down to. I hope this has been useful and helpful to you.

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About The Author: Blackjack David Sapolis played professional pool for 20 years in The United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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