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Decisions + Actions = Success


The art of being able to perform at will, in a harmonious connection with our thoughts and actions. Confidence is a prerequisite for consistency. Confidence is nothing more than having faith in our abilities. Faith that we can and will achieve a certain task or goal. Faith that we can and will be successful. Consistency is the road to success. Success is the reward for hard work. So how to we get there?

There are as many answers as there are people in this world. I will begin by saying that there is no way to become successful without working hard at it. Success is earned. It doesn’t fall on your lap or fall from the sky like condor shit, it’s earned. Plain and simple. If confidence is the prerequisite, and consistency is the road, what is the vehicle? Opportunity. Learn that word. Know it, know where to find it, know how it smells, know what it looks like coming at you, and what it looks like going past you. Learn to hear it, speak it, and ride it. There is no vehicle more powerful on the road to success and glory. It is the Porsche on the road to success. There is no substitute. Once we have the vehicle, and we are traveling on the right road, we need to get to our destination. We’ll need fuel (determination), food (positive reinforcement) and preventive maintenance (support).

Now we are ready to start the vehicle we call opportunity. For this we need the keys, which is an open mind, and willingness to do whatever we have to in order to achieve our goals. Now that we have the keys, we must start the engine, just starting the engine doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere, now does it? We need to put the car in gear (get up off of our asses) and point ourselves in the proper direction. How do we get pointed in the proper direction? Identify our goals. Be specific, and be realistic without selling yourself short. DECIDE exactly what you want to achieve, and then go there.


To decide, means to take action. Decisions without actions are worthless. You can decide to take the trash out, but it will sit there until you take some kind of action to get where it needs to go. THIS IS TRUE. TRY IT !!! If we do not take action, we do not not get a result. Now that we have made our decisions and we are on the road, we can now watch as we pass the others we see on our road to success. There are "the doormats" we walk over as we calmly walk through another opened door. "The doormats" give us that puzzled, stepped on look. There are "the watchers", who do nothing but watch the success of others. There’s the people waiting on the bus.... "the coulda-woulda-shoulda’s" and "the wish-I-was", and their cousin "the I’ll-never-be".

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About The Author: Blackjack David Sapolis played professional pool for 20 years in The United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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