The Bump Shot

Written by Joe D'Aguanno

Have you ever got stuck with a straight in shot in the side with the cue ball stuck on the rail and you need to perform a stop shot? Or how about a shot to the corner with a 5 to 10 degree cut where you need to hold the cue ball within a couple inches of where the object ball sits? Let me introduce you to the bump shot. In the first diagram below you have an easy straight in shot to the side on the 1 ball but the cue ball is stuck on the rail. If you could stop the cue ball you would have an easy shot on the 2 ball but if you roll forward you won't have a shot at all. If you have a good touch the solution is simple. Shoot the cue ball with just enough speed that it would just make it to the pocket and drop in if nothing was in it's way. You of course would hit the 1 ball dead center. When the cue ball contacts the 1 it will stop, transfer all of it's energy to the 1 and bump the 1 ball into the side pocket.

Diagram 1

After bumping the 1 ball in the side you will be left with perfect position on the 2 and a possible runout.

Diagram 2

In the next diagram the 4 ball has about a 10 degree cut into the corner pocket. If you can shoot the 4 in and hold the cue ball close to where the 4 is you will have a fairly easy shot on the five down the rail.

Again the bump shot comes into play. This time shoot with soft draw with just enough force for the 4 ball to reach the corner pocket and drop in. The cue ball will pretty much stop as in the second diagram below.

Diagram 4

The bump shot is a very useful tool when you need to hold cue ball position close to where the object ball sits but it does require a good touch to execute properly.

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