Instructional Articles by Ron Kurtz

Started pool when about 14 years old and was given my first cue, a Sampaio from Lisbon Portugal, not sure if it was new but i still have the same cue 40 years later and it is in excellent condition.

After going into the military i started playing 40 hrs a week. After the military i got married, had 3 kids etc which for the most part put a stop to pool playing except for rare occasions but it was still in my blood. Now that my youngest is 14 i got my own table (Olhausen) and finally replaced my good friend (Sampaio) with a Meucci. Recently i replaced the Meucci red dot shaft with an ER240 shaft and keep the red dot as a backup, see my review on the ER240 for more information. I now play about 10 hrs a week and am slowly getting my stroke back. In some ways my game is much better due to an understanding of pool physics and in other ways i am not up to snuff. I still do not have that 40 hr a week stroke back, just occasionally. I instruct my daughter who seemed to pick up my ability on the table and can out play most men at the hall (the average player at the hall).

As far as work, i have been a systems programmer for mainframes since the early 70's and enjoy getting into the system internals. I have been certified for CISCO routers (CCNA) and worked in our COMM section configuring / shipping routers. Lately i have been working with System Area Storage (SAN) configuring it for the mainframe and two RISC6000 servers that i manage.

I enjoy weight lifting and have been lifting for about 13 years now. I also manage to force myself to get in one cardio workout a week for my health.

Ron can be reached via email at Ron.kurtz<at sign>