Practice for a frequent and sometimes troublesome shot

Written by Ron Kurtz

Sometimes i have no problem sinking the above type of shots but other times i just cant see it. i had the problem the other night so i set the balls as above and shot the outer most ball, put the cue ball back to it place and then shot the next outer most ball and did the same till all were gone. the first time i missed all but one ball. the second time i made three and the third time i made all five. that set me straight for the rest of the night.

Diagram 1

Drill-less Drill

I get bored with drills very fast but they do serve a purpose. If you have a dislike of drills as I do but want to get the benefit of a drill, try the drillless drill.

As and example if you want to drill left english, just throw the balls out and use left english of varying degrees on every shot. It could be anything you want to work on, draw, high, curve etc., does not matter. Do not worry about position, just concentrate on your purpose for left english whatever it may be, pocket skill, deflection testing, carom effect or all. If a shot ends in bad position, just move the Cue ball to a better location and continue on.? Its practice, not a game with rules, the purpose is to learn left english and not worry about the next shot. If you miss a shot you really wanted to try, set it up again and re-shoot to get it right then move on. If you see a shot you really want the try that does not involve left english go for it then resume with the left english on the next ball.

The drill-less drill is more fun and will not seem like a drill but you will gain experience quite quickly. Just a rack or two can make a big difference. Of course if you want to learn an exact shot, then drill away.

About The Author: Ron Kurtz started pool when he was about 14 years old and was given his first cue, a Sampaio from Lisbon Portugal, and still have the same cue 40 years later.

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