Instructional Articles by Poolplayer

Poolplayer is a road player from the Bay Area in Northern California.

  • Selection of your Personal Pool Cue

    Now you have come to the point in your pool career where you wish to purchase your own personal playing cue. In this section, we will provide some tips on how to select the right cue to suit your own tastes and style. Please bear in mind that this section isn't about what brand or type of cue is better than the other or what you should buy. That is a totally subjective matter that you, the cue purchaser, looks for.
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  • Selecting a Break Cue

    Many people who own their own playing cue may also opt to purchase a cue solely for the purpose of breaking. This is getting to be more and more common now as people get into the sport and don't want to ruin their playing cue. They might also want a cue they can take "less than ideal" places to play and/or is expendible. This might be for a bar or a cue just to keep in your car's trunk. This section gives the common reasons to purchase a break cue and what to look for in one.
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  • Maintaining your Cue

    Now that you have purchased your new cue, you must now take care of it. In this section, we will provide some simple ways to keep your cue looking new and minimizing the wear and tear on it. The main thing you need to do to mainain your cue's appearance is to wash your hands before you play and after several hours of play.
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  • How to Replace a Pool Cue Tip Pool & Billiards video demonstration

    This article describes the process (in detail) of how to replace a cue tip. Here are the items that you need to accomplish this task.
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  • All About Pool Cue Cases

    Anyone who purchases a cue should always set aside some money for the purchase of a cue case in order to protect their cue investment. Not only does a case provide you a way for you to carry your cue from place to place but it also protects it from any mishaps that may happen during transportation and storage. In this section we will outline the different types of cases and the advantages and disadvatages of each type.
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  • Suggested Pool Cue Accessories

    One of the most common questions asked by people after they have bought a pool cue is what else should they get or keep in their cue case with them when they go to play. Usually the items are for cue maintance. Nowadays, this list gets very confusing with the endless amount of items and accessories offered for sale. This list suggests a minimum of what any pool player should have in their cue case.
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