Suggested Cue Acessories

Written by Poolplayer

One of the most common questions asked by people after they have bought a pool cue is what else should they get or keep in their cue case with them when they go to play. Usually the items are for cue maintance. Nowadays, this list gets very confusing with the endless amount of items and accessories offered for sale. This list suggests a minimum of what any pool player should have in their cue case.

Joint protectors. These protect your cue during storage and transport by keeping out moisture in the exposed ends and keeping your joint pin from bending.

Tip Pik. For roughening up the tip to hold chalk.

Shaper. To shape your tip to the desired roundness.

Clean, soft rag. To wipe out dirt on the cue after you are done playing.

Chalk. If you want to use your own brand of chalk when playing at the pool hall.

Tip Tapper. to knock off the excess chalk and roughen up the tip.

About The Author: Poolplayer is a road player from the Bay Area in Northern California.

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