Laser Aimer: A Device for Practicing Ghost Ball, Bank & Kick Shots

Written by Mick Turner

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Now with that legal stuff out of the way, do you remember the 'angle-in vs. angle-out' I mentioned before? Well how do you think a laser light can be made to show that 'angle-in vs. angle-out' concept? It's really hard to figure out...think about it...go to the library, research it...and you will come up with this fantastic device called a mirror. (Sorry forthe dramatics but I just couldn't resist...this was so simple even Ifigured it out!)

Anyway, back to the subject...In order for this to work I needed the laser light to go over a pool ball so it would show the path of the ball by following the laser line. I tried several methods until I came up with this simple solution. The Strait-LineR sits flat and is about 3/8" too short to project the light over a pool ball, so I cut some 3/8" thick, wood blocks to fit the Strait-Line'sR footing. I used two pieces of wood because I didn't want to block the battery door on the bottom of the Strait-LineR. I used double-sided tape (the 3M type with the 1/16" foam space between sticky sides), and stuck the blocks to the bottom of the Strait-LineR. (see Figure SL-2 below, note battery door -- it uses 2, 'AA' size batteries) The front of the Strait-LineR is shown in Figure SL-3. Note the 'yellow' window in the center, this yellow piece slides up revealing the Laser Light and also turns on the Strait-LineR's Laser when lifted. (There is also a sharp steel pin you can push down with the black indented piece just below the yellow window, but I didn't use that.)

Laser Aim Trainer - Figure SL-1
Figure SL-1
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure SL-2
Figure SL-2
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure SL-3
Figure SL-3

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