Laser Aimer: A Device for Practicing Ghost Ball, Bank & Kick Shots

Written by Mick Turner

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How it works, how to use it and how it helps your game

Bank Shots

To use the laser light with the mirror for a Bank Shot:

  1. You simply position the Strait-LineR Laser behind the Object Ball, align it so it points to the far cushion approximately at your Bank shot cushion point to make the shot;
  2. Then place the mirror in line with the laser light with the back of the mirror flat against the cushion, with the mirror straight up at 90 degrees to the table;
  3. Then go back and tweak the laser and mirror position until the laser line goes to the mirror and reflects back on your target...and puts the 'dot' on the pocket. So the 'angle-in vs. angle-out' is perfect based on the light path and mirror reflection...the perfect "V" off the far cushion back to the object pocket. (see Figure Bank-1 below).

The point that the laser hits on the back-side of the Object Ball is your contact point for the Cueball. This aiming system works no matter where the Cue or Object balls are on the table or what your target pocket is, assuming you can hit the Cueball and contact the Object Ball where the light hits it).

The mirror reflected light shown in Figure Bank-2 shows the laser light reflected to the target pocket at the best entry point to avoid the cushion tip. I only did one picture example for a Bank Shot since it is so straightforward.

Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Bank-1
Figure Bank-1
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Bank-2
Figure Bank-2

Once you determine where to aim and bank, remove the mirror. The laser will still be pointing to the contact point on the Object Ball and the bank point on the cushion. You might want to remove the mirror and leave the laser in place and shoot, or put a mark on the cushion with chalk to help remember where the contact points are, your choice depending on the shot. I prefer to leave the laser in place on bank shots so I can see (red) the contact point on the Object Ball. You can virtually put this system in place anywhere on the table regardless of the angle or distance...the laser will reflect in a 'V' and point to your pocket, then you hit the Cueball to contact the Object Ball at the light point to make the shot. In case you happen to hit the device with a ball, remember, it was designed to be used in construction and is pretty rugged -- but I wouldn't recommend hitting it too hard, you might damage the light source.

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