Laser Aimer: A Device for Practicing Ghost Ball, Bank & Kick Shots

Written by Mick Turner

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Kick Shots

To do Kick Shots, the process is similar but instead of putting the laser behind the Object ball, you put it behind the Cueball, align the mirror the same way but for kick shots you must target the actual contact point for the kicked ball to make the pocket.

For balls that are NOT aligned with the pocket line, you need to use a 'ghost ball' in line with the target pocket through the Object ball, and align the laser light on the center of the 'ghost ball'. That assures your shot will contact the Object Ball in the correct place to make the shot. (More on this after I describe the shots that are lined up already.)

In circumstances where the laser is in line with -- through the Object Ball to the -- pocket anyway, you don't need a 'ghost ball'. This type of shot is shown in Figures Kick-1,2,3,4 & 5 below. If you follow the laser line and hit the Cueball properly to rebound from the 'Contact Point on the Cushion, it will kick off the cushion and contact the Object Ball at the red dot. When you actually shoot, remember to remove the mirror, mark your kick point, remove the laser then shoot. (see below, Figures Kick-1, Kick-2 for a side shot, Object ball front and rear view's; Kick-3, Kick-4 for a full table - off the side cushion; kick shot; and Kick-5 for a full table kick shot). Remember on cushion shots, if you come up short on the angle you hit too hard, if you come up long, you hit too soft. Medium speed hits work best.

Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Kick-1 (front)
Figure Kick-1 (front)
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Kick-2 (rear)
Figure Kick-2 (rear)
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Kick-3 (behind mirror)
Figure Kick-3 (behind mirror)
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Kick-4 (rear of OB)
Figure Kick-4 (rear of OB)
Laser Aim Trainer - Figure Kick-5 (Actual laser light)
Figure Kick-5
(Actual laser light, neat huh?)

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