Laser Aimer: A Device for Practicing Ghost Ball, Bank & Kick Shots

Written by Mick Turner

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This laser aiming device, of course is only a practice tool, as I'm sure an opponent would have a real screaming, stomping, cursing fit if you laid this baby on the table and started measuring shots during a real game...funny, our league doesn't have any rules against such a device and I intend to use it someday...just to rattle a few cages and really tick off some of the more anal players...but that is my 'dark side' and we won't go there right now!

Well that's it, I hope some of you can build this 'toy', learn from it and enjoy it as I have. I use it to practice my shots so I have a better idea of just how to make difficult shots during games. It works most anywhere on the table, assuming you have enough room for the Strait-LineR laser device and the mirror if you need it. So far, I can actually say my banking and kicking is getting opponents certainly have noticed my increased skills in that area. When I use it for practice I always get curious players wanting to know what I'm doing...I simply say, Laser Aimer, don't you have one? That just makes them even more curious and it's fun to explain what you can do with it and how easy it is to build.

I also noticed something else while working on this project. If you will note in the left picture, the laser's reflection went straight to the pocket. If you look into the mirror and see the pocket 'behind' the mirror, it is the same as the right diagram. An interesting thing to observe...if you removed the mirror and were to shoot to the 'pockets reflection' you would go into the pocket.

Laser Aim Trainer - Picture of Laser-2-Pocket
Picture of Laser-2-Pocket
Laser Aim Trainer - Diagram of Line to Pocket via Mirror
Diagram of Line to Pocket via Mirror

Normally I patent and/or copyright my devices...but this one is so simple I am putting the idea into the public domain (This article and various companies images are Copyrighted though, see below disclaimer). This idea set me back some time and around $25 to make. The Strait-LineR Aiming device normally sells for $29, I happened to find it on sale, so look around for a bargain.

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