Laser Aimer: A Device for Practicing Ghost Ball, Bank & Kick Shots

Written by Mick Turner

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We have all heard of the 'angle-in vs. angle-out' concept for shooting bank and kick shots. I was thinking about this awhile back, while I was really bored and needed something to do, and it occurred to me that light travels in a straight line. (Sometimes I really surprise myself with great insights...) Of course, most of us already know that, but there are some clever uses for this fact, as I will show here. I had heard of laser cues and other devices but they are pretty expensive and I already have some expensive cues. I wanted to somehow use a light +-beam to help line up bank and kick shots and do it for as little money as possible, so I came up with this idea to build a 'Laser Aimer'. As the idea developed and I used it, what was most fun was discovering new ways to use my new toy.

Have you ever seen the laser beam devices used in construction that use a laser light line to align and measure a whole host of things? Well, as I combined my straight line light fact with the laser device I came up with something that can be used on a pool table and will help with aiming shots.

Curious? Read on...

How to build the Laser Aimer

The first thing I needed was a laser light source. I started looking at those pointer pens and discovered they would be really hard to adapt to my uses and while looking at different laser pointers I was really fortunate when I found a device called a "Strait-LineR Laser Level 60" Laser Line device.

The Strait-Line doesn't 'just' put a laser dot on something, like a pointer would, it does something better! It has a small lens in front of the laser light source that actually makes a red laser line between the Strait-LineR and whatever you are pointing at. It is (normally) used for making a line on a piece of wood or other construction material so you can mark it then cut it. At the end of the line is a 'red dot' so what you end up with is a line of laser light and a 'target dot'. How lucky is that? I found a device that was exactly what I needed!

Note: I contacted the company that builds the Strait-LineR and they strongly suggested I include their disclaimer, so here it is: Don't look into the laser light it may damage your eyes. I, also, WOULD NOT recommend getting clever and pointing it at people, there might be a policeman around and they are trained to beware of 'red targeting guns' with lasers. You might get an ugly surprise and get arrested, or worse, if you put the light on someone! It is possible to shine the light off the table, and the light goes quite a distance. Be Careful how you use this device! You might want to tell everyone what you are doing so they know about the 'red light'.

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