Low cost cue shaft spinner

Written by Mick Turner

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How to build a low cost Cue Shaft Spinner so you can clean, sand, or use sandpaper to shape the side of a cue tip while a rotating cue shaft.

Step 1. Go the local hardware store, take your cue shaft with you, and purchase a bolt about 3 inches long that has about 1 1/4 inch (or more ) of threads that will screw into and fits your shaft. (Hopefully your cue shaft has a standard thread of some kind, most of them are...)

Step 2. Also purchase a washer that fits the bolt, and a nut that also fits the screw threads.

Step 3. Next, take the bolt and cut the hex head off with a hack-saw leaving about 2 inches of unthreaded shaft. You might want to grind off the edge of the cut end a bit so it doesn't have any burrs or sharp edges.

Step 4. Then screw the nut on to the threads of the cut off bolt, then put on the washer after the nut, on the threaded end.

Step 5. Then screw the cut off bolt with nut and washer into the cue shaft, making sure the washer is between the nut and the shaft. Holding the shaft in one hand, gently tighten with a wrench with the same tightness you would use when assembling your cue butt and shaft.

Step6. You now have a metal post sticking out of the rear of the cue shaft.

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