Let Go of Your Dream

Written by Tim Miller

One you set your personal goals in this game, you must then be willing to let go of them. You begin your pocket billiards journey with the end in mind. And then you go about the process of getting yourself there. Sit back and relax. Close your eyes and visualize what it will be like when you reach your goals. Put this picture in your minds eye. Make it a natual part of who you are. Now, turn this picture over to the Universal Mind. Some fancy words here, but don't let that scare you. Turn this goal over to the Universal Mind and simply go about your business. You must be willing to let go of your goals in order to realize your goals. If your eyes are on the goals, you will not see the task in front of you. Remember, the mountain climber does not keep his eyes on the top of the mountain. If he did, he would slip and fall. He must be concerned with each step along the way and let go of the end results. They will take care of themselves once you have them firmly placed in the hands of the Universal Mind.

The Universal Mind is the part of you that drives you on. Your intent to do something, is what gives you energy. Intentions breed desire. You cannot have success without a clear desire to pay the price success demands. Therefore, once you have laid out your intentions and placed them in the Universal Mind, you will have the desire to carry it out to the completion. It is only when you get confused that your goals become muddied and you cannot see the end results. If you are not focused on what you want to accomplish, you will have difficulty doing the simple things that will get you there. If you are not sure which mountain you want to climb, you will not be able to choose the right trail. All sorts of evil will befall the one who is on the wrong trail.

Since you are striving for something that is basically beyond your comprehension and ability, you cannot trust yourself to do all the right things to get you there. When I decided I wanted to be a world class player, I certainly could not understand what it meant to be world class. That was something beyond my comprehension. Still, I wanted to get there. This is why I needed to turn this goal over to the Universal Mind. Once I turned the end results over to a power greater than myself, I had the energy to get about the task of getting there.

I had a student who wanted to play at the world class level. The first thing we worked on was the four strokes of pool. She did not understand why I was paying so much attention to this fundamental approach to pocket billiards. Later, as she developed her game, she realized that this was the right way to reach the goals she had set for herself. She set the goals, turned it over to a power greater than herself, (me) and went about the work that was assigned to her.

There is no real glamour in the climb to the top. The glamour only comes when you reach the summit. On your way to world class level you must work on the fundamentals until they become a part of you and with each growth spurt, you move closer to your goals. Begin with the end in mind, and then turn it over to a power greater than yourself. Work on your trust skills, knowing full well, that you will arrive at the top.

Read and re read and work and re work on The Lesson material, mastering each lesson, and you will burst through to the level of play you have been dreaming about. Never let the vision get fuzzied by confusion. Know you are on the right road and stay the course until you reach to top, May all The Rolls Go Your Way.

About The Author: The Monk Billiard Academy (www.monkbilliardacademy.net), founded in 1991 by Tim Miller, (The Monk) is dedicated to making you the best pool player you can become. Tim's unique philosophy on the inner game of pool has helped countless players realize the player within.

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