Cue Makers & Repair Services - Michigan, USA

A Listing of Cue Builders and Repair Professionals

If you are looking to get your first custom cue or just simply looking to repair and restore your cue, search our listing to find what your are looking for.

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Cue Makers & Repair Services Listing - Michigan, USA

ALPENA (2 listed)

· Harold Morey Cues
  703 King Settlement
  Alpena, Michigan 49707
  Phone: 517-379-3683

· John LaLonde Cues - JLC
  2082 N. Partridge Pt. Rd.
  Alpena, Michigan 49707
  Phone: 989-657-5181

BERKLEY (1 listed)

· Van Hall Cues
  3611 Ellwood Ave.
  Berkley, Michigan 48072
  Phone: 248-546-4403

CHANNING (1 listed)

· Guido Orlandi Custom Cues
  P.O. Box 4-N12 620 Sawyer Lake Rd
  Channing, Michigan 49815
  Contact: Guido Orlandi
  Phone: 906-542-7069
  Fax: 906.542.3857
  Hotline: 502.594.8570

DETROIT (1 listed)

· Pancerny Cues
  Detroit, Michigan 48021
  Contact: Mike
  Phone: Mike

IDA, (1 listed)

· Conerstone Custom Cues
  4574 Douglas Road
  Ida,, Michigan 48140
  Contact: William Grassely
  Phone: 734-693-3177 (

JACKSON (1 listed)

· Zar Cues
  1337 Maguire St.
  Jackson, Michigan 49202
  Contact: David Czarnecki
  Phone: 1-517-784-484

MANCHESTER (1 listed)

· Dennis Dieckman Custom Cues
  P.O. Box 369
  Manchester, Michigan 48158
  Phone: 734-428-1161

NORWAY (1 listed)

· Northern Cues
  P.O. Box 153
  Norway, Michigan 49870
  Phone: 906-563-5188

QUINCY (2 listed)

· brianna custom cues and repairs
  187 Ridge Road
  Quincy, Michigan 49082
  Contact: Lee Malakoff
  Phone: 517 639 3190

· Lee Malakoff Custom Cues
  187 S. Ridge Rd
  Quincy, Michigan 49274
  Contact: Lee Malakoff
  Phone: 517-639-3190