Pool & Billiards Business Directory Listing

This page contains a comprehensive directory of billiards related businesses from cue makers and professional cue repair shops, machinery and suppliers for cue builders, pool table repair and restoration specialists, movers and installers as well as the billiards store and dealers near you.

Pool Schools and Instructors

Pool and Billiards Schools, Instructors or Trainers.
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Pool Stores and Dealers

Pool and Billiards Stores, Supplies and Dealers.
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Pool & Billiards Cuemakers and Repair Specialists

Makers of pool and billiard cues or repair specialists.
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Cue Machinery, Materials and Suppliers

Suppliers of pool and billiard cue materials and cue building machinery.
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Places to Play - Pool Halls

Pool Halls to play pool, billiards and snooker.
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Pool & Billiards Table Parts, Repair and Services

Pool Table parts and repair specialists/restorations and pool table installers.
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Pool & Billiards Business Owners

If you are an owner of a pool or billiards related business, We offer free listing of of your company. Email us to have your business listed on the website. In your email, please include the following:

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address (Complete address if possible)
  3. Contact Information (specify at least 1 contact info):
    • Contact Person/Department
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media contact information
  4. Specify the category or categories that your company fits into:
    • Pool School and Instructors
    • Pool Stores and Dealers
    • Cue Makers and Repair Specialists
    • Cue Machinery, Materials and Supplies
    • Places To Play (Pool Halls)
    • Pool Table Parts, Repair and Services
  5. Website URL (If applicable)