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Basic Lessons
 · Basic Fundamentals Pool & Billiards video demonstration
 · Aiming Pool & Billiards video demonstration
 · Baic Shotmaking Pool & Billiards video demonstration
 · Basic Position Play Pool & Billiards video demonstration

Pool Equipment
 · Selection & Maintenance

Other Instructors
 · David Baranski
 · David Sapolis
 · Joe D'Aguanno
 · Mick Turner
 · Poolplayer Pool & Billiards video demonstration
 · Ron Kurtz
 · Tim Miller
 · Bryan Mitchell
 · Mark Finkelstein

Sections denoted by Pool & Billiards Video demonstration contains video demonstrations.

Lessons & Tutorials - view our comprehensive database of instructional articles. We offer step by step lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Each article contains pictures as well as detailed explanations for clearer understanding of the complex topics. Best of all - it's all FREE!

Business Listings - Looking for a cue maker near you? Or are you simply looking for places to play pool? You can search our database of Billiards Listings. Our directory listing contains worlwide listings of pool halls and taverns, cues & cue makers, pool table manufacturers, pool & billiard accessories, billiard schools and instructors, billiard shops, dealers, suppliers and distributors.