Lesson Plan #1: Fundamentals of Pocket Billiards

This lesson plan will teach the student to learn the basic building blocks of the game of pocket billiards. Before you even start learning cool trick shots, we want you to learn the basics first. Start by reading each lesson in the order it is presented and go from there. Make sure to do the prescribed exercises so you can apply and hopefully 'master' each concept that will enable you to progress to the next lesson plan.

Lesson 1.1: The Pre-Shot Routine

  • Introduction
  • Elements of the Pre-Shot Routine
    • Planning
    • Aim, Body and Cue Alignment
  • Stance, Grip and Bridge
  • The Stroke
  • Video Demonstration
  • Exercise: Implement the Pre-Shot Routine
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Lesson 1.2: The Pool Stance

  • Introduction
  • Stand Behind the Shot
    • Determine the Line of Aim
  • The Foot Position
  • Legs Straight or Bent?
  • Stance Basics: Step by step Stance process
  • Head Alignment
  • Body Alignment
  • Stance Pitfalls: What to avoid doing
  • Video Demonstration
  • Exercise: Improve your Stance
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Lesson 1.3: The Pool Grip

  • Introduction and illustrations
  • Tight or Loose Grip?
  • Grip and the Balance Point
  • Video Demonstration
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Lesson 1.4: The Pool Bridge

  • Introduction
  • How to setup an Open Bridge
  • How to setup a Closed Bridge
  • The Rail Bridge
  • The Elevated Bridge
  • The Mechanical Bridge
  • Video Demonstration of using the Mechanical Bridge
  • Exercise: Experiment with different types of Bridges
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Lesson 1.5: The Pool Stroke

  • Introduction
  • Stroke Guidelines
  • The Pendulum Stroke
  • Common Stroke Mistakes
  • Video Demonstration
  • Exercise: Find your Stroke
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