Lesson Plan #2: Learn How to Aim and pocket object balls - Easy Pool Tutor

After learning the basic fundamentals in LESSON Plan #1 (...and hopefully you took the time to do the exercises and drills provided in that lesson), you are now ready to take the next step. This lesson plan will teach the student to aim and pocket the object ball. One of the 'joys' this game brings is seeing the object ball disappear into the pocket and this lesson plan will enable you to experience this 'joy' on a consistent basis. Again, before you even start learning cool trick shots, we want you to learn the basics of aiming and pocketing first. As in LESSON Plan #1, make sure to do the prescribed exercises so you can apply and hopefully 'master' the concept of Aiming.


Student must have completed: Lesson Plan #1: Learn the fundamentals of Pocket Billiards

LESSON 2.1: Understand the Aiming Concept and Technique

  • What is a Contact Point?
  • What is an Aim Point?
  • Ghostball Aiming Technique
  • Cue Stick Aiming Technique
  • Margin for Error
  • Video Demonstration
  • Exercise: Aiming Exercise
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LESSON 2.2: The Parallel Aiming Technique

  • Introduction
  • Step by step execution of the Parallel Aiming Technique
  • Other Factors to consider
  • Video Demonstration
  • Exercise: Aiming using the Parallel technique
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LESSON 2.3: The Fractional Aiming Technique

  • Introduction
  • Slices or Fractions
  • Gaps in the System
  • Exercise: Aiming using the Fractional Aiming technique
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