Lesson Plan #5: Understanding English or Side Spin

This lesson plan covers an advanced concept in pocket billiards. If you have completed the first 4 lesson plans and have applied them to your game then you are ready to learn advanced concepts. English is basically applying spin on the cue ball. The spin produced causes a lot of different effects not only to the cue ball but to the object ball as well. This lesson plan will give you a better understaning of the cause and effects of putting spin on the cue ball. Once again, let me remind you again that it is highly recommended that you do the exercises provided to execute the skill(s) you learn on a consistent basis.


Student must have completed:
Lesson Plan #1: Learn the fundamentals of Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan #2: Learn How to Aim and pocket object balls
Lesson Plan #3: Learn the Three Basic Shots in Pool
Lesson Plan #4: Learn the Basics of Controlling the Cue Ball

LESSON 5.1: What is English or Side Spin?

  • Definition
  • Cue Ball Deflection and Squirt
  • Video Demonstration of Squirt
  • What is Throw?
  • Curve and Masse Effect
  • Video Demonstration of Curve Effect
  • Exercise: Experiment with English
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LESSON 5.3: The Throw effect of English

  • What is Contact Throw?
  • Video Demonstration
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LESSON 5.4: Controlling the Cue Ball Using English

  • How to control the cue ball using english
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LESSON 5.5: Effects of English off the Rail

  • Left and Right English off the Rail
  • Video Demonstrations
  • A Practical Example
  • Sample Video Demontration
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