Lesson Plan #8: Learn Advanced Position Play

As you progress towards the advanced level, you will need to recognize and learn advanced patterns for position play. This advanced level position goes above and beyond the stop, draw and follow positions. Learning advanced position means learning how and where to position the cue ball for position on the next shot. This lesson plan will teach you some of the advanced level position concepts.


Student must have completed:
Lesson Plan #1: Learn the fundamentals of Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan #2: Learn How to Aim and pocket object balls
Lesson Plan #3: Learn the Three Basic Shots in Pool
Lesson Plan #4: Learn the Basics of Controlling the Cue Ball
Lesson Plan #5: Understanding English or Side Spin
Lesson Plan #6: Learn Advanced Shots in Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan #7: Learn Bank Shots and Kick Shots

LESSON 8.1: Speed Control and Right Side or Wrong Side concept

  • Introduction
  • Controlling the Speed of the Cue Ball
  • Video Demonstration of Speed Control
  • Right Side and Wrong Side for Position
Start Lesson 8.1

LESSON 8.2: Leaving an Angle and Proper Distance

  • Leave an Angle for your next Shot
  • The proper distance between cue ball and object ball
Start Lesson 8.2

LESSON 8.3: Natural Path and "Long" and "Short" side

  • Choose the Natural Path of the Cue Ball
  • Position Cue Ball on the "long" side whenever possible
Start Lesson 8.3

LESSON 8.4: Finding the correct "Position Area"

  • How to determine the Position Area
  • Finding the ideal position area within
Start Lesson 8.4

LESSON 8.5: Coming towards the Position Zone

  • Cue Ball approach towards the Position Zone
  • Crossing the Position Zone: Why this is not ideal
  • Exception to the Rule
Start Lesson 8.5