Pool Halls and Places to Play - Netherlands

A Listing of Pool Halls and places to play

If you are looking for a poolhall or a billards bar to play your some pool games, search our listing to find what your are looking for.

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Pool Halls and Places to Play - Netherlands

ARNHEIM (1 listed)

· House of Billiard
  Arnheim, Netherlands
  Phone: 49-(0_174 98 06 981

IJMUIDEN (1 listed)

· Play It Cool
  Lange Nieuwstraat 743
  Ijmuiden, Netherlands 1971 GG
  Phone: 0031255527333


· Hague 5
  Gortstraat 7
  The Hague Den Haag, Netherlands 2511EG
  Phone: 070 - 345 9001

TILBURG (1 listed)

· Saints Poolcenter
  Heuvelring 222
  Tilburg, Netherlands 5038 CL
  Phone: 0031135367711